Short interview with student president

I am collaborating with Tom Hoare, who also happens to be student president at LCA. We thought it would be a good idea to have some footage of him talking about the consequences of the trolley bus for college.

After interviewing Fran, I asked Tom to say a few sentences about what the Trolleybus will mean for the college – how it will negatively effect it.


One of the most persuasive points that Tom made, was the fact that the outdoor seating area (which will be temporarily taken away to store materials and diggers during construction) is very important and is used for exhibitions and live art, as well as an area for socialising. I felt that this would resonate with viewers at the enquiry as it shows how the proposal will directly affect the work that the college produces, and the quality of exhibitions.

I think having the student president in the film would be a good strategy as he is effectively the voice of the student body at LCA. Tom will also be speaking at the enquiry, and we questioned whether it would be good to have him on screen as well, however I personally think it looks better if he is also in the footage as well as in person.


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