Interviewing Fran

I went ahead interviewing Fran, but adapted the interview plan slightly. Before, the video was intended to be informative, to raise awareness about the Trolleybus proposal, but considering the fact that the new audience for the film will be those attending the public enquiry, they will already know all the details, and so it would waste time reiterating them.

I also realised that the information about the overall negative effects on Leeds should probably come from the residents, as they are more on the receiving end of them, and have the most personal connection to the issues. I decided Fran’s interview should focus on the effect on students (mainly LCA).

I asked Fran to

  • introduce herself and her role in campaigning against the trolleybus
  • talk about the problems the trolleybus will cause the college (including loss of advertising folley and outdoor area, safety problems, the amount of students.
  • mention why it is a big problem, and why students care
  • talk about how she is responding to the plans through Craftivism

After asking these questions, I filmed footage to be used as cut aways, incase I need to cover up cuts between sections of interview, including:

  • close ups of Fran’s hands moving as if while talking,
  • shots of Fran’s craftivism work (embroidered bunting, and poster)

I also filmed the whole interview from two angles, one camera filming a close up of her head, and the other a wide shot of the overall setting with her sat at her desk in front of her Craftivism work.



I think the interview went fairy well, Fran’s answers clearly put across all the information they needed to, without being waffly: they were to the point. However, because of the strict 3 minute time limit they may still have been too long, her answers were too in depth, there is a lot more information to go into the film, so a lot will have to be cut out. Luckily I thought to film a second version of her longer answers, where I asked her to summarise the points she just made but in shorter sentences, with clear pauses to help me edit. This is something I picked up from my learning in part 1, and luckily Fran was willing to do so.

One thing which might be a problem during editing, is that for parts of the interview there aren’t clear pauses in her sentences, which may make it difficult to cut sections of the audio out and change the structure. In future I will try to encourage the speaker to pause between each point.


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