Today, whilst planning tomorrow’s interview, I received an email from a third year Visual Communication student: Tom Hoare.

He messaged me asking if we could work together on the documentary project, because he wants to commission a 3 minute documentary about the Trolleybus to be shown as evidence at the Trolley Bus public enquiry in Spring, where he will be speaking in protest of the plans.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 22.06.31 Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 22.06.42

I agreed to collaborate on this project as I think it could be a really amazing opportunity to have an impact on the decision of whether this proposal goes ahead.

Tom proposed that he would act as a sort of Project Manager, helping source interviewees and organising. We agreed I could still have creative freedom with the project, planning the content and visuals, filming and editing.

Collaborating would mean that the documentary’s purpose would shift from being an informative video to encourage students and residents protest, to being a persuasive piece of film which would need to evidence the negative effects the trolleybus. The content of the video would need to be different: everything would have to have a strong persuasive factor as the video would need to change the opinions of the MPs and Council members who currently support the scheme.

This new project seems a much more challenging task, as it may be difficult to persuade those who already are in favour of the plans, however it is a great opportunity to potentially have an impact on whether the scheme goes ahead, and could contribute to the future of the city.


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