Interview Plan: Fran Bailey

Tomorrow I will be interviewing Fran Bailey about the Trolleybus, from the point of view of students studying at LCA.

Below is my interview plan, including how I will set up the filming equipment, the questions I will ask her, and ideas for pick up shots to be used as cut aways.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 14.07.25

I will use two cameras on tripods, because from my learning experience in the first part of Visual Literacy, I realised that having a second angle is a good idea to provide variation in visuals. I will have one camera framed around Fran’s head as she talks, and the other will capture the whole scene with her sat at the table in front of her Craftivism work.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 14.21.58

Camera 1 – Wide shot, Camera 2 – Close up of talking head

When planning the Interview I tried to stray away from asking actual questions, because that might produce answers that aren’t full sentences, which don’t make sense without the question (this I learnt in VisLit 1). Instead, I planned to tell Fran to talk about different aspects, prompting her rather than questioning. This way, the answers would should be fully formed sentences.

I also tried when planning, to limit the topics she will speak about, by asking her to talk about very specific aspects of the topic. I didn’t want to inhibit her full opinion, but from experience I have learnt that asking very opening ended questions, or giving vague prompts often leads to waffly answers that don’t help put across the point that the documentary is trying to make.

In some cases, it is important to show the true opinion of an interviewee, because my documentary has a 3 minute time limit, and needs to support a particular point of view, I think it is best to pre-plan, to some extent, what the person will say.


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