Trolleybus social media

The purpose of my Trolleybus documentary is to inform residents of Leeds, and students of the proposed plans which will affect the city, and its implications for Leeds College of Art.

I therefore want to documentary to be used on social media, so it is seen by relevant groups of people. I intend to post the video onto Leeds College of Art’s Facebook group, and on the Anti-trolley bus group as an informative video to support their campaigning. I also hope that the video will circulate around other forms of social media including Twitter and Blogs.

I joined the Anti-trolleybus Facebook group in order to interact with residents and understand their opinions on the proposal, where I was welcomed by Trevor Bavage who asked me what my interest in the group was:

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 13.45.32

The group has been a great source of information, highlighting the different issues that the trolleybus will cause.

I have also been following the blog STOP THE TROLLEYBUS! which is run by Bill McKinnon. The blog archives information from different sources including news articles, government plans, and looks at the implications of the proposal, and includes different ways people can get involved with the protesting of the trolleybus.

Following both sites has given me a better understanding of the various arguments about why the proposal is a terrible solution to Leeds’s traffic issues, and the sites have helped me gather facts and figures which illustrate the damage that the Trolleybus will cause.


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