Trolley-Bus documentary plan

Subject: Exploring the issue of the trolley bus proposal, with particular focus on the implications for college.

Angle: Looking mainly at the counter-argument (against the bus) because I’d like the video to be used to raise awareness about the negative impacts that the scheme would bring, so that It can be used by protest groups to encourage people to stand up against the proposal.

Style: Mixture of I/Vs edited with footage illustrating trolley bus proposal, facts and figures in text, stills of proposal PDF, Vox-pops. Will include additional narration (from me or anyone) if necessary to link the film.

Interviews with: 

  1. Fran Bailey – summary of situation, what it means for college, what she is doing in protest.
  2. College representative – Principal?
  3. Vox-pops from other people involved at college – e.g. those who come to sign the protest letter, and others who are supporting the protest.

Filler shot ideas:

  • Proposed route filmed from car (Zoe’s), edited and sped up.
  • Shots of different locations that will be affected – Woodhouse moor, Otley road, Blenheim Walk.
  • Shots of trees which will be cut down.
  • Shots around college of areas that will be affected: smoking areas, outside front, main road, grass, benches outside, cafe.
  • Shots of college being busy, time-lapse of front of college, smoking area when busy, cafe when busy.
  • Footage of Craftivism protest – stitching signatures.


Week 1 (Mon 18th) – Planning & arranging I/Vs

Week 2 (Mon 25th) – Filming I/Vs, footage around college, and filler shots (at weekend).

Week 3 (Mon 2nd) – Begin editing things together, film Craftivism (Thurs 5th)

Week 4 (Mon 9th) – Finish editing.


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