Evaluation of Research

I have developed my interview skills through doing online research, looking at different styles and watching interview programmes. I have then practiced these skills over thirteen interviews. In each practice I have made mistakes, which I have tried to improve on in the next interview.

I have learnt lighting skills through an induction, and through reading online guides. I practiced these skills in a studio environment, as well as at home in the series of interviews. Through an induction I was taught techniques for recording sound, which I then tried out using a microphone in my last eight interviews.

After an induction in Adobe Premiere software, I developed my editing skills through practice. I worked for myself out how to achieve different effects, using the internet and asking for help when I was stuck. I learnt general technical camera skills through trial and error. I also learnt specific techniques of filming, including the different types of shots to collect for interesting visuals.

To develop my skills further, I should improve my technique when interviewing on camera. I also need to practice filming some one else doing the interviewing, so I can focus on operating the camera. It would be useful to practice filming using more than one camera to collect different angles.

I should continue practicing with lighting, and I would benefit from improving my DSLR camera skills – through inductions/workshops,  I think understanding the principles of photography would help my ability to produce quality visuals.

I start learning through inductions, and reading online guides, which are useful to understand technical aspects (such as lighting and sound). I then practice what i’ve learnt, and through making mistakes, I identify how I can improve. I often need lots of attempts as each time, something new goes wrong.

With some aspects, such as editing, I mostly learnt through practice, because there is not a right or wrong way of doing it; it depends what you’re trying to achieve.

Getting things wrong was crucial in my learning. Making mistakes gave me a much deeper level of understanding, where I internalised aspects that I had researched, but not realised the importance of (for example the importance of good lighting). When I get something wrong, experiencing the consequences serves as a reminder.

New software and equipment will affect my practice;i have spent this part of the module learning how to use a certain type of camera, sound equipment and a certain type of editing software, and if they chance, I will then have to learn how to use new versions.

In the past I found organising a film project overwhelming but this module has really developed my ability to organise and time manage, and I am now more confident in being able to arrange a film project. I found that basing my time around equipment and studios, meant I could achieve more in a short space of time.

I found independent study easier than usual, as I am so interested in documentary. As well as doing intentional research, In my free time I watched many documentaries for entertainment, and found things in there that were relevant to my project. In past projects, usually the research is more of an effort, however this time I have really immersed myself in it, because I’ve enjoyed it.


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