How can I improve?

After trying out interviews in different styles, I want to asses how I can build on what I have learnt, and how I can improve:

  1. Try being IN the interview : let someone else film me, so I can practice engaging in full dialogue. That way I also don’t have to worry about editing my voice out (which often left the answers making little sense).
  2. Make the person comfortable and relaxed, especially in chat-show style interviews. Make eye contact, be friendly.
  3. Respond to what they are saying, don’t just read questions off of the sheet.
  4. When debating, make sure the person knows what they are going to be talking about, so their answers are better planned.
  5. In debate, try not to give very complicated replies, and this might lead to waffly, long-winded answers.
  6. Try to minimise examples used by the person, so they do not stray from their original point.

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