Interview 9: In the style of an emotional interview

After looking at the different interview styles in a previous post (see here), I wanted to try out recreating them, interviewing my friend Hannah from behind the camera, working on my interviewing and filming skills.

Interview 9: Emotion Interview 

Interviewing Hannah about general safety in Hyde Park, where she lives.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 15.06.14

Filming Technique:

  • Used key light, fill light and edge light (as before).
  • Set ISO and white balance appropriately.
  • Used microphone and headphones to accurately set audio levels.
  • I managed to film some cut away shots, close up of her hands fidgeting, and her looking around the room.
  • After the interview, (because fortunately I was interviewing in the house we were talking about), I went and got some relevant filler shots based on her answers. They were not filmed well, but gave more variety to use when editing.

Interviewing Technique:

  • Most successful of all interviewing style I tried.
  • Answers were detailed but clear
  • She gave answers which expressed her emotions towards the situation, which was the purpose of the interview.
  • It would have been better to have been in the video interviewing, to make the video more sensitive, person-to-person, rather than her just talking towards an anonymous camera.
  • I would like to try this interview on camera, to see if it creates better responses.

Editing Technique:

  • I used effects to de-noise the audio, and correct the colour of the visuals.
  • Because I filmed relevant cut-away shots, I could layer these over the audio where they fitted with the topics, to help illustrate what she was saying, and also add interesting visuals.
  • I used one of these cut away shots as a title background, to make a change from the usual black backdrop I had been using.
  • Although her responses made sense, it may have been clearer if I had written the questions across the screen, to put her answers into context.
  • If editing fully, I would have liked to have added quiet background music, to blend the titles with the interview footage.

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