Interview 8: In the style of a debate

After looking at the different interview styles in a previous post (see here), I wanted to try out recreating them, interviewing my friend Hannah from behind the camera, working on my interviewing and filming skills.

Interview 8: Debate style

Interview about whether advertising is harmful to society.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 22.42.04

Filming Technique:

  • Used key light, fill light and edge light (as before).
  • Set ISO and white balance appropriately.
  • Used microphone and headphones to accurately set audio levels.
  • Would have been good to have different angles, close up of face etc.
  • Debate style interview would be good to film with two cameras, with interviewer on screen. Then you could have a camera filming each person over the other person’s shoulder, to better capture the dialogue

Interview Technique:

  • It was instantly clear that debate style interviews should be filmed with the interviewer on screen, because otherwise half of the conversation is lost, and so the person’s answers are out of context. Seeing the whole dialogue is crucial.
  • Often Hannah strayed from the point, and her answers were waffly, using too many examples. This is because I hadn’t briefed her properly, and so she wasn’t prepared with planned responses. This wasn’t fair to her, as usually the person would know what they would be saying before the debate. If we did this debate again her answers would be much more to the point.
  •  I would like to re-do this interview on camera, with Hannah having better planned responses.

Editing Technique:

  • I used effects to de-noise the audio, and correct the colour of the visuals.
  • The footage wasn’t much good without the interviewer’s questions as this was half of the debate, so I had to add the questions in lower third titles, to put Hannah’s answers back into context.
  • Most of her answers were far too waffly, and didn’t make much sense because I hadn’t given her chance to plan them, so I had to cut almost all of the footage out. I ended up only leaving two questions in the final edit.

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