Interview 7: In the style of a news report

After looking at the different interview styles in a previous post (see here), I wanted to try out recreating them, interviewing my friend Hannah from behind the camera, working on my interviewing and filming skills.

Interview 7: News-report style video

Interview about a burglary that she recently experienced.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 15.06.31

Filming Technique:

  • Used key light, fill light and edge light (as before).
  • Set ISO and white balance appropriately
  • Used microphone and headphones to accurately set audio levels.
  • Didn’t really need extra shots/cut aways, because of the style of interview – not for entertainment so didn’t matter.

Interviewing Technique:

  • I asked short, clear questions, this resulted in concise answers, and no waffling.
  • I didn’t ask questions in an opinionated way, for an unbiased interview.
  • Asked factual questions and got factual answers, apart from the occasional question about how she feels.

Editing technique:

  • I added the questions in lower thirds to put her answers into context. Originally I edited the footage on its own without the questions, but her answers made more sense when I put the questions on screen. (You can watch the original edit without questions here).
  • I corrected the audio and colour using effects again.

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