Interview 6: In the style of a chat show

After looking at the different interview styles in a previous post (see here), I wanted to try out recreating them, interviewing my friend Hannah from behind the camera, working on my interviewing and filming skills. 

Interview 6: Entertainment, chat show style

Interview about her advertising course at LCA

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 14.11.39

Filming Technique:

  • I filmed in the daylight so I could use the natural light to help brighten the room.
  • I used a key light, a fill light and an edge light: used the natural light (to the left of her) as the key light. On the other side of her face I pointed a lamp as a fill light, to brighten up the shadows. Opposite this fill light, I placed another lamp, to create an edge light, however this one wasn’t particularly effective.
  • I set the ISO and white balance appropriately for the room. This gave better image quality.
  • I used a microphone and headphones, to capture directional sound, and eliminate more background noise. The headphones allowed me to accurately set the audio levels to cancel out most of the background noise.
  • Needed more shot variety. Would have been good to capture a few cut-away shots, of different things in the scene, or different angles (could be achieved by filming with another camera).

Interview Technique:

  • The chatty style doesn’t work well from behind the camera. As it is a conversation, half the dialogue is missing when the interviewer’s voice is edited out.
  • Answers didn’t make much sense out of context of the question.
  • Her having a chatty conversation with a camera looked strange. Needed to have someone responding to her on screen.
  • The chatty nature seemed quite fake, and forced. Need to create more of a relaxed and casual vibe. – Could do this by me responding to her answers more, and engaging in conversation (this would only work if I was on camera).
  • I should try not to pause between questions to read off of the sheet, as this ruins the natural feel of the conversation.

Editing technique: (I put more effort into editing this video)

  • I used a de-noise effect to cancel out as much of the remaining background noise as possible.
  • I used titles to add my questions in, because the answers didn’t make sense out of context.
  • I improved the colour of the visuals, using an effect.

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