Practicing lighting at home

217A9913 217A9914 217A9912 217A9911 217A9910 217A9909 217A9908 217A9906 217A9905

Having not produced very well lit interviews in my house, because they took place at night, and the rooms are quite dark, I decided to try to play around with natural light in the day time, following the principles I had learned at a recent lighting induction.

I wanted to see if I could get a clear image, which stands out from the background, by positioning the person so the edge of their face is illuminated (mimicking the function of an edge light).

The photos came out much clearer, and better in quality than my interview videos; had I filmed in the day time I think I would have produced much better visuals – I will remember this in future and try to film in the daylight whenever possible, unless using professional lighting.

A few of the photos came out a little too dark, in these a stronger fill light should have been used. They were more dramatic however, which if used for creative purposes could be effective.

A couple of the photos were far too bright, I should perhaps of used a lower ISO, or positioned Zoe further away from the strong sunlight which was coming through the window.

Overall this practice was useful, as I got experience at trying to apply the principles of lighting to an everyday setting, using light that was naturally available to me, rather than just studio lights. When filming at an outside location I may have to make do with the light around me, as I may not be able to bring my own, so it is important to be able to do this.


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