The Cove

This evening I watched a documentary recommended to me by Joanna, that exposed the brutal slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. Hidden in a cove, fenced off away from photographers, 23,000 dolphins are herded into a bay, seperated from their young who get shipped of to sea worlds and stabbed repeatedly whilst frantically trying to swim for their lives, until the waters turn opaque red with blood.

One of the most chilling documentaries I have seen, the Cove unearths the truth which is covered up by the media for the benefit of the Japanese government. Bribed with financial aid, other countries support Japan’s dolphin culling. The documentary shows Ric O’Barry (Flipper’s original trainer) struggling to raise awareness, and free these creatures through incredible undercover filming, with a range of different techniques.

A really great example of filming at its most difficult: O’Barry’s team were constantly prohibited from using their cameras, and had to go to extreme measures to capture the horrors that were tucked away in the secret cove. I should try to be innovative, in the way I film in future; knowing not to give up, as there is almost always a way around it. When such an important cause is the driver for a project, then people are inspired to go above and beyond to dangerous lengths , risking themselves, in order to document atrocities and make a change. In future I should have a strong passion for the subject, to drive my project, to push me to create something that can really make a difference.

After watching the film I went online to see if there was anyway of getting involved and signed the petition to help save the dolphins, please do the same here…


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