Cultural Consumption Task 22

Find out the names and occupations of your great grandparents.

Great Grandmothers Ada Broome and Margarita Giorgio

Great Grandmothers: Ada Broome (left) and Margarita Gergiou (right)

I decided to use this task as an excuse to explore the Greek side of my family, since I did not know a great deal about it already. I decided to find out more about my great Grandmother Margarita Mavromatis (pictured on right) and my great Grandfather Yannis Georgiou.

My great Grandfather Yannis was born in in Athens, his father and mother came from Syria. My great Grandmother Margarita was also born in Athens, her father was from Crete and her mother was from Istanbul, in Turkey. Margaritas family attempted to move to Crete but due to unrest their boat was forced inland to Sudan before they arrived. From here they travelled to Cairo, in Egypt, where they ended up living for the majority of their lives.

My great grandparents marriage was arranged for them, when Margarita was only thirteen, and Yannis, by her mother who was very ill, and wanted to make sure she was looked after. They moved to Helwan in Cairo, Yannis became a carpenter, and the two gave birth to my Grandma Efthimia, and five other children, two who died before the age of three.

My Grandma moved to Alexandria, in Egypt and became a dancer, and changed her name to Mary. It was there she met my Granddad, Ken Broome. They communicated mainly through French, until she learnt English. They came to England in 1945, where they settled in London and started a family. Later in their lives, when their children were grown they moved back to Athens, in Greece.

I really enjoyed finding all this out – a lot of it I had never heard of, because of the language barriers between my relatives. Recently I have become a lot more interested in where my family have come from, and the differences in culture.


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