Interview practice 1

On Monday I borrowed a DSLR camera from college and tried out an interview following my research… I chose a simple subject, to allow me to focus on technique.

Interview 1: Zoes practice on Vis-Com

Questions asked:

  • what kind of practitioner are you?
  • how have you developed since first year?
  • have you developed your practice outside of college?
  • what is your plan for the year, how will you develop your work?
  • how difficult is it to find work placements?
  • what do you see yourself doing after you graduate?

Filming Technique:

  • Did not check the sound levels before recording, and so did not realise they were set too low. Only when playing the videos back for editing, did I notice this. I had to increase the audio levels in Premiere, which then made the background noise too crackly.
  • I zoomed in and out, and reframed the shot whilst she was talking. The shots were therefore shaky and distracting, but because I was only using one camera I had to use them anyway.
  • Managed to use a desk lamp to illuminate most of her face, apart from this the lighting was dim and so the overall visuals were not great.
  • Positioning her at a desk seemed relevant as she was talking about her work. Could have taken this further, to create an even more appropriate scene.

Interviewing technique:

  • The answers to my questions were quite rigid they seemed to be very ‘matter-of-fact’ answers, which she didn’t seem to be thinking about. There were no interesting opinions, or thoughts. This was due to the subject matter obviously not being engaging enough.
  • I didn’t ask questions that were interesting enough, so her answers were therefore not interesting.
  • Would have been better if she had planned some of the answers, so they had more information in them, and so she could deliver them more confidently.
  • She seemed to be uncomfortable The way I carried the interview out made her feel uneasy I think. I was probably paying too much attention to the camera, and reading my questions off of the sheet.

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