Plan for tomorrow: Interviews

Tomorrow I will put to use what I have researched about interviewing technique, by doing a few informal interviews with my housemates. I will film the interviews with a DSLR camera on a tripod, I may do two different versions of the interview to see which is most effective:

– one where they are sat at their desk, getting on with their work whilst talking.

– one where the person is standing/sitting still talking towards the camera.

This will just be a rough attempt at gathering relevant information on a topic, in a structured, clear and professional manner.

I will just interview them about themselves as practitioners with questions relating to their study such as…

what kind of practitioner are you?

how have you developed since first year?

have you developed your practice outside of college?

what is your plan for the year, how will you progress your learning?

how difficult is it to find work placements?

what do you see yourself doing after you graduate?

Additionally to tomorrows interviews, as a way of documenting my learning journey, I will create a mock-up documentary on Visual Communication at Leeds College of Art. This will just be to enable me to collect a variety of different kinds of interviews with various people – tutors and students, and film around college using what I learn from inductions.

I chose this topic because I wont need to do much research prior to the practice interviews, people should be able to answer my questions fairy easily with a good amount of info, and it is not an invasive or controversial subject.

Obviously when it comes to part 2 of this project (producing a piece of work) I will not choose the easiest, least controversial topic, as this would be boring and irrelevant. I simply want to go through the motions of how to make a documentary at this point in my learning, so I am not focussing on the kind of information I am gathering. I do however, think It is important to learn how to collect peoples opinions on serious subjects, so will probably try to gather some interviews where I explore more important social issues ( I might do this next week). 

Through my research journey I plan to film:

– interviews with vis-com students about their practise in a similar manner to the above questions

– interviews with staff/tutors about teaching on vis-com, their opinions on the course etc

– filler shots around college

– vox-pops of vis-commers commenting on the course/opinions on relating subjects e.g. work placements, year 2, GIDE, light night, etc etc


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