Visual Literacy: Research Proposal

In this module I want to develop my practice in documentary, in particular I am interested in interviews as a starting point. I think interview would be a useful way of investigating social issues, and engaging with society which is a bigger focus this year on Vis Com.

  1. I want to develop my technical skills in filming and editing.
  2. I also want to develop my interviewing skills.

In part 1 of the module (researching skills), I intend to learn camera, lighting and sound skills, as well as learning how to use Premiere editing software. I will do this through workshops and inductions. I will also research documentary styles, and interview techniques in order to develop my skills at creating interesting content.

Will do inductions for: 5D DSLR camera ( to refresh memory), sound kit, lighting kit, photography studio, Premiere software.

Books to read: ‘Directing the Documentary’ by Michael Rabiger

Documentaries/Interviews to watch: Dark Days, Supersize me, 4Thought, Newsnight, Piers Morgan’s life stories and other general chat shows…


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