This Summer

Throughout this summer I have really been trying to pin point where I fit into ‘Visual Communications’ – what is my preferred media? what do I want to focus on in second year? what do I want to do with my life? I’ve basically been overwhelmed with these huge questions, and have spent most of my summer trying to answer them. 

In my learning journey presentation at the end of first year, I summarised my experiences and concluded that I did not enjoy film, as it involved taking on a whole project, which involved many different skills from planning, to story writing, filming, and editing – some of which I didn’t actually possess and so I found it too big of a challenge. This led me to think that I didn’t want to do film again, but to focus on illustration – perhaps experimenting with how I used and presented my illustrations, e.g. t-shirts, ceramics, patterns etc. 

However; this chunk of free time this summer has made me begin to think I was too hasty in writing ‘film’ off altogether, and perhaps I shouldn’t pigeon-hole my practise to just illustration. I have therefore spent this time exploring other possibilities in preparation for second year, so that I have a clearer picture of where I want to take my practise.


Laura Carlin’s ceramic illustrations


2 thoughts on “This Summer

  1. Been there…tho it was way after the college/uni phase..
    Perhaps the trick is question is..’what makes you lose track of time and won’t drop even for a phone call. If you are multi-talented, sometimes the creativity happens in seasons and phases..
    (Sorry for the unsolicited advice, I just found myself relating to you..all the best 🙂

    • Aha thats a good way to think about it, all advice is appreciated! I agree, enjoyment is probably the key factor in a decision like this, although I feel as if I need to try everything before I can answer that question! Thank you for the advice 🙂

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